Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Pinoys angered by Facebook posts vs 'Sendong' victims

Posted at 12/21/2011 12:52 PM | Updated as of 12/21/2011 1:21 PM

MANILA, Philippines - Screen captures of supposed Facebook posts have gone viral, angering Filipinos and fueling their drive to help victims of tropical storm "Sendong" (international name Washi).

The posts were supposedly written by a certain Celine Acut, a Filipino living in France, and a certain Van Carumba, a Cebu native living in the United Arab Emirates.

“[A]ccording to the news, almost all of the victims are poor families, so its better that they all die this early…whats the point of living a life which is full of hunger, at least they are now resting with peace..they are worthless, they are unproductive and their lives has no value at al.. they are just making more problems to the society so as i said its better that they have died this early.. they don’t desserve a chance to live because they are poor, they are not VIP anyways,” Acut’s first post said.

“[I] even wish sendong to come back and flash away those remaining poor families over there,” said her second post.

An screen capture of a post allegedly written by Celine Acut on Facebook. It has gone viral over social networks.

Van Carumba, meanwhile, posted on December 19, “Buti nangyari yan sa CDO (Cagayan de Oro)…Di pa namamatay lahat ng tao jan.” One person commented on her post, saying “Wag ka naman ganyan, di lahat ng taga-Cagayan de Oro may kasalanan sayo.”

An screen capture of a post written by Van Carumba on Facebook. It has been shared almost 600 times as of press time.

Acut’s Facebook profile has since been deleted, but the page was cached by Google on December 20. Screen captures of her profile posted online show that she studied at Mindanao State University-Iligan; lives in Le Petit-Paris, France; and is engaged.

Carumba’s Facebook page is still active, but all her wall posts have been hidden aside from the controversial one she posted on Monday.

Acut and Carumba are now the subject of angry posts on social networking sites such as Twitter and Tumblr, and the screen captures of their posts have been posted on several blogs as of press time. Pages have even been created on Facebook specifically to bash them.

One page on Acut had 1,544 likes, while the other had only 138. A page dedicated to Van Carumba had 451 likes as of press time.

Neither Acut nor Carumba could be reached for comment.

It is not certain if Acut is a real person or a figure created by people seeking to involve others in efforts to help the victims of tropical storm Sendong.

According to Camama Marwah from the Registrar’s Office of the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, they have no records of a Celine Acut graduating from their school.

Online searches of her name yielded only social networking site links to the screen captures of her posts, and a search in French phone directories such as Pages Blanches and also came up negative.

Celine Acut's Facebook page, cached December 20, 2011. The account has been deleted.


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